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The Bronte Way is a 43 mile long path stretching from around the Rochdale Canal at Sowerby Bridge to Colne. Our walk is from Wycoller near Colne to Haworth, the home of the Brontes, a distance of about nine miles.

To find Wycoller, drive to Trawden, then follow the signs for Wycoller, park your car at the car park outside the village. The village is quite remarkable.It developed up to around 1800 as a sheep rearing and hand weaving centre, with a population of 350 in 1820. With the invention of power looms the village declined, fortuitously no factories appeared in Wycoller and the village decayed, presenting a sort of time capsule to the interested visitor. After 1948 moves were made to restore the village, and this led to its present delightful state.

Start your walk at the Craft Centre and Cafe, walk up the 'main street' over the pack horse bridge to view the ruins of Wycoller Hall, said to be the model for Ferndean Manor in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Also take a look at the Aisled Barn ( picture opposite ) which gives a good idea as to barn construction in the 17th century.

The Bronte Way is signposted from here ( see map below ). The walk to Haworth is around 8 miles over moorland, and requires stout shoes and appropriate clothing. The path follows the beck, then climbs away as the beck disappears into a ravine. Follow the path to the top of a hill, here the Pennine Way and Bronte way overlap, but you can see the main Haworth Road. Make towards this, the path runs parallel to the Road, skirts two large reservoirs as one moves into Yorkshire.

After the reservoirs we reach the Bronte Falls, the sisters are reputed to have spent much time at this spot, and it is indeed a prime spot to stop for a sandwich and a flask of tea.

Cross the bridge and turn left towards Haworth following the main pathway. The path leads to a public road, turn right along the road, then after a short distance then turn left to take a path that leads to Penistone Country Park. Take the clear path that follows the ridge to reach a road at Grid Ref 027368. Cross the road and follow the path turning left, this leads directly to Haworth Churchyard.



























The image shows one

of the pack horse bridges

which cross the stream at


The Aisled Barn was

built in the 1630's and is

one of the finest examples

of its type

The Black Bull in

Haworth, where

Branwell spent

many hours.