Accrington Rambles:Arden Hall, Hambledon, Coppice

Walk 1 Hambledon Hill

We begin our walk at the top of Plantation Street, which can be reached on foot or by car. The tarmac road finishes, and is replaced by fine old cobblestones. On your left is Arden Hall, filled largely with trees and a haven for birds of many types. Much work has been doen over the last few years erecting nesting boxes, these can be seen on many of the trees. Proceed up the cobbled path, past Plantation Cottage on your right. The cobbles eventually finish, replaced by a rough track. Where the track forks, take the left fork, proceed up a slight gradient with a small reservoir on your left.

The track starts to level out, and here you get good views of High Riley(image on your right), this is one of the oldest buildings in the Accrington area, the cottages dating back to 1628, and it is thought that this has been a residential site since 1241.

Use the underpass to go under the motorway, and head to Slate Pits farm. On the last bend nearing the farm yard fork left up an obvious hill track. Climb this going over a wall stile behind the farm, ignore the wicket gate stile on your right and keep heading for. the hilltop ahead. Over another stile the path trends right but as it levels out leave it to gain the higher ground on your left. This is the unmarked summit of Moleside affording good views all around. Head now due east keeping to the highest ground and aiming for the next high hill as a stone wall comes into view.

At the wall turn right along a rough road (Kings Highway) until reaching a double bend in the road where there are two stiles on the left. Climb over the left hand way-marked stile and head diagonally across the field to meet another green path running left to right, turn right along it.

As you approach a gate break off left over rough pasture to the obvious piles of stones which are the ruins of Hameldon Hall. Go over the stile behind the ruins and initially bear right to negotiate boggy ground and find a plank bridge on the left giving access to a clear path on drier rising ground. Climb to the concrete trig pillar on the summit of Great Hameldon and admire the commanding view including Blackpool Tower on a clear day.

This is the furthest point of Walk 1, you now retrace your steps, enjoying the downward journey.

The stuff of legend, the Crown Ground from the Coppice.

Map showing the various paths from Arden Hall, up to and under Accrington Easterley Bypass, then onwards to the summit of Hambledon.

An aerial view showing the path from Plantation Street where it splits into two. Go right under the underpass, follow the road around the bend then take the path which snakes up the hill. This takes you to the Hambledon Summit.

Go left and that takes you to some delightful walks behind the coppice.